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Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Review 2.0: Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Review Site Affiliate Classroom 2.0 Review Site

FlashPioneer Video Chat for E-learning 1.1: Fast installation, centralized management and professional e-learning solution.
FlashPioneer Video Chat for E-learning 1.1

classroom efficiency with well organized classroom interface, teacher’s full control of the classroom and flexible configurations for videos and text. FlashPioneer e-learning solution let teacher and student interactive with each other without any obstacles for its functions of video, audio, text, drawing board. 1. Fast Build and Deploy *Installation Guide let user finish the installation just by several clicks; *Multi-platform supported, RED5

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Create Student Class Schedules  2.23: Create Class Schedules for up to 200 Students and 20 Teachers with Excel.
Create Student Class Schedules 2.23

The Shift Schedules Class Scheduler-200 can be used to create student classroom schedules for up to 200 students and 20 teachers in 20 classrooms and 20 time periods each day for a week. Individual student and teacher schedules as well as a class roster are created by the spreadsheet and automatically sent by e-mail to students, teachers and school administrators. The Excel spreadsheets are available in sizes to schedule 200, 400 & 600 students.

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Beowulf Interactive 2: Teach Beowulf the Anglo/Saxon folk epic with software for the classroom
Beowulf Interactive 2

Teach Beowulf the Anglo/Saxon folk epic with software for the classroom. Instead of using textbooks, students learn about Beowulf, early medieval history, etc. with audio, texts, questions, and complete data tracking. Classroom or lab use! Contains the best modern translation with well-conceived questions on Beowulf. Supplemental information on the text and the paradigms of the medieval period provide a complete understanding of the text.

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School Attendance Keeper School Attendance Keeper easily handles attendance requirements Multiuser
School Attendance Keeper

School Attendance Keeper handles classroom attendance requirements of public and private schools of all sizes, and produces attendance reports which meet legal requirements of the No Child Left Behind act. Now with Student Info, Lunch and Dismissal options. Flexible and easy-to-use this program accepts input from multiple users.Teachers can enter daily attendance right from their classroom saving valuable teaching time for their students.

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SAT Word Mage 1.0

The SAT Word Mage prepares you (or your students) for the verbal SAT. With engaging graphics and sound, this program takes the learner through a variety of learning and quizzing scenarios with complete data tracking and high classroom usability. It teaches 360 words in all with 10-word groups taught in 20-minute sessions each. Thus, total time is about 14 to 18 hours, depending on the learner. It is self-paced, for home, classroom, or lab.

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Virtual Class Remote Instruction System 5: Broadcast your desktop across a network. Remotely monitor student PCs.
Virtual Class Remote Instruction System 5

Virtual Class lets you create a virtual classroom across a local area network. Teachers can broadcast their desktops to all student computers in a classroom or lab, remotely display the desktops of model students to other class members, and model the steps of a task by taking direct control of any student computer on the network.

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